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Able PostScript Converter

Able PostScript Converter converts EPS, PDF, PRN, PS and AI formats into TIFF format in batch mode
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28 November 2015

Editor's review

Even though, these days a lot of tasks can be achieved by using a computer the classic paperwork and print related tasks are still take a lot of time. Easy accessibility from anywhere in the world the data and works done through computers can be protected easily and preserved for a long of time. However, various script file formats that are available for the computer might create problem for the file. Usually the file formats are not supported by those systems which do not have that file format installed. For which the user either need the file format or a very convenient converter program. Able PostScript Converter 2.0.2 is a converter which perfectly serves this purpose.

Able PostScript Converter 2.0.2 converters various file formats to TIFF format. Formats like EPS, PS, PRN, AI and PDF are converted into TIFF and that too in a batch mode. This means the user can select as many files as he wants and then convert them in one go. Also the user can select different colour modes of the TIFF and also set different resolutions. After converting the files user can edit the multipage TIFF formats and create them the way he wants. The user interface is not at all complicated. There are only few options like Add file, remove, Target path, Run and stop and exit which makes conversion easy and fast. The batch mode also adds value to this program. The output file can be opened for viewing as well as editing. The cost of this converter is very low as compared to other converters and also it is faster than the rest.

Able PostScript Converter 2.0.2 is user-friendly and it is the best converter to convert files in bulk. The editing option is another commendable feature that this converter has. The application earns a score of three rating points for its well thought out options and overall flexibility.

Publisher's description

Able PostScript Converter converts EPS, PDF, PRN, PS and AI formats into TIFF format in batch mode. You can choose various TIFF color modes and resolution. After conversion you can view and edit your created multipage TIFF files.
Some features:
- Batch mode.
- Fast converting.
- Very user-friendly interface.
- Can open output files for viewing or editing.
Able PostScript Converter
Able PostScript Converter
Version 2.0.22
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